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Steam Offers Unconditional Refunds On Sketchy Game

Journey of the Light was billed as “one of the hardest games on Steam.” Turns out, its first level was unbeatable and the rest were nowhere to be found. Read more… Kotaku

Square Enix Suspends Final Fantasy XIV Mac Sales, Offers Refunds

Citing the widespread disappointment with performance and poor communication of system requirements, Square Enix has temporarily halted sales of the Final Fantasy XIV Mac client. Good call. Read more… Kotaku

Guild Wars 2 Fixes Expansion Pricing Problems With Refunds And Rewards

Addressing the rash of players upset over the pricing and features of Guild Wars 2’s first expansion pack, developer ArenaNet has laid out a plan that should make nearly everyone happy. Read

A Lot Of People Are Getting Refunds On Steam

Steam refunds are a thing now, and they’ve proven pretty divisive . Creators of smaller games are worried that the policy is too easy to exploit. But what do the numbers say?

Steam Refunds Could Cause Some Big Problems

Finally, Steam is offering refunds ! Oh joyous day. But actually, the new policy could cause more problems than it solves. Read more… Kotaku

Steam Is Now Offering Refunds

Steam is finally getting a proper refund system. Starting today, users of Valve’s PC platform will be able to get a full refund on any game for any reason, provided it’s been

Sony Offers Refunds To Fans Angry About Zombie Game Microtransactions

SOE’s DayZ-ish zombie MMO, H1Z1, just launched on Steam Early Access. That means it is, on no uncertain terms, unfinished. However, even fans with that knowledge were surprised to discover a microtransaction