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How to Budget And Save Money | How to Save Money Fast | (RTS Money Monday )

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How To Cover Acne Scars and Bumps| MAKEOVER MONDAY Makeup + Hair EP.1

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Magical Monday Cats | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

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The Monday Stream Plays Moonrise, The Closest Thing To Pokémon on Steam

Here’s what I know about Moonrise. It’s bright. It lets you collect and battle monters. And people keep comparing it to Pokémon—except on PC. Read more… Kotaku

The Monday Stream Plays Splatoon, Looks Hella Cute While Doing It

Splatoon is a very special game—and I’m excited to show you why in a livestream today. Read more… Kotaku

The Monday Stream Plays: The Binding of Isaac

It’s time to make Isaac cry. Or pee. Or poop. Whichever one helps me kill the monsters, really. Read more… Kotaku

The Monday Stream Beats Up Goku In Dragon Ball Xenoverse

But only because the game won’t let me kiss Goku. Damn these violent games getting in the way of my dreams. Read more… Kotaku

That Monday Feeling

It’s OK. A cup of coffee and grumble about local sports teams will get you moving again. Read more… Kotaku

GIFs Make Monday Bearable

Monday sucks. It always sucks. So here are some animated GIFs to help get your through the morning. Read more… Kotaku

The Best Cyber Monday App Deals

We’ll update this list throughout Cyber Monday as we find new deals. Let us know in the comments if you spot anything that we missed. Read more… Kotaku