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How to Fold the Top Sheet (Hospital Fold) | Mattress Firm

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Car Seat Safety By Age: Toddlers in Forward-facing Seats (The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

How to Fold Hospital Corners


As Hospital Commercials Go, These Are Fucked Up

That is not hyperbole. I’m being serious. There is a very high bar to cross for the title of “World’s Most Messed Up Hospital Ads,” and these commercials seem to do just

Kid Has 30 Games, DS Stolen While Visiting Sick Man In Hospital

And, get this, it’s the dude he was visiting who’s accused of stealing them. Read more… Kotaku

Hospital Buys Spider-Man Boner Statue

Last year, Kotaku reported that a South Korean artist, Eunsuk Yoo, created a very friendly Spider-Man statue that made some people angry and was taken down. You’ll be happy to know that

Hospital Food: The Snacktaku Review

Last weekend I had the opportunity to stay at one of Atlanta’s premiere medical hot-spots, where I was sliced open to have my innards fiddled with. Afterwards I was presented with this